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Medication and doping control testing

Our testing procedures are constantly evolving to meet new threats to the integrity of horseracing and equestrian sport and the welfare of the horses and riders. We work to exacting internal standards and quality assurance processes for every test we carry out, accredited to the ISO17025 standard and consistent with the ILAC G7 Criteria.

  • Urine & blood screening analysis – comprehensive drug screening which detects all the major groups of prohibited substance including anabolic agents, stimulants, narcotics and sedatives.
  • Confirmatory analysis – samples with suspicious screening test results are re-analysed with a fresh sample. An optimised confirmatory test, using internationally accepted scientific techniques, produces scientific evidence based on the unique molecular structure of a prohibited substance. Our senior scientists provide expert support and testimony if required and our case files are fully documented to provide results you can trust.
  • Science and management – our laboratory is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and scientists who know exactly how to use it, while our logistical support team help you collect and store samples conveniently and securely.
Tesing greyhound racing

Applying the equine testing and research experience, we have a history of supporting the sport of greyhound racing, testing samples for a comprehensive range of prohibited substances thereby helping to protect the integrity of the sport and the welfare of the greyhounds. We have a track record of constantly improving our greyhound-specific testing and research services, and constantly evolve our testing procedures. We work to exacting internal standards and quality assurance processes for every test we carry out, working within our accreditation to the ISO17025 standard.

In December 2010 LGC acquired HFL Sport Science. All services offered by HFL now form part of the LGC Group. To read more on this story, please visit LGC news.


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