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Proficiency testing

Proficiency testing is a key element in the laboratory accreditation process, alongside reference materials, enabling laboratories to monitor the quality of their analytical results as stipulated in ISO/IEC 17025. It is often referred to as external quality assessment (EQA) especially in the medical/clinical arena.

Benefits of participation:

  • Monitor & improve measurement
  • Demonstrate analytical competence
  • Develop and train analysts
  • Method and instrument validation

We offer proficiency testing services to:

Why choose LGC?

We annually run over 1,600 proficiency testing exercises, serving more than 12,000 laboratories. We produce in excess of 225,000 test materials, which are distributed to more than 160 countries around the world.

  • Value for money
  • Range of schemes & regular round
  • Rapid reporting
  • Local representation and support




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