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Government-owned, contractor operated (GOCO) contract testing

Chemical and bioanalytical testing performed in self-contained core facilities, conducted by highly-skilled LGC scientists, solely dedicated to analysing samples on behalf of government regulatory agencies.

LGC has a proven track record in designing, setting-up and operating purpose-built test facilities on behalf of government.  We currently run two laboratory groups for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).  One tests medicinal samples, taken from the market, to ensure their quality, safety and regulatory compliance.  The other supports the publication of the monographs in British Pharmacopoeia and maintains the British Pharmacopoeia Chemical Reference Standards.  Government-owned, contractor-operated testing allows you to surrender the day-to-day operational and technical burden of shipping, sample processing and reporting results, whilst maintaining testing exclusivity to avoid conflict of interest and to mitigate risk of service interruption.
What are the benefits of LGC analysing samples on behalf of government?
  • Control; minimise technical and operational burden whilst maintaining authority and exclusivity for complete ownership of testing
  • Rapid; project team dedicated to achieving short lead times in laboratory design, set-up and reliable test delivery
  • Value; the GOCO operating model enables our government partners to benefit from our existing back-office infrastructure, laboratory facilities and operational excellence, thereby recognising significant economies of scale 
  • Flexible; scalable on-site operations to accommodate changing throughput needs that may fluctuate significantly even over short periods
  • Efficient operations; LGC has developed its own continuous improvement programme that we apply to new laboratory design and set-up for maximum process efficiency
  • Confidence; LGC has a long-standing track record for setting up new testing labs engaged in processing government agency samples for regulatory compliance
  • Innovative;  unhindered access to the internationally-recognised scientific experts that fulfil our National Measurement Laboratory and Designated Institute for chemical and bio-measurement and Government Chemist functions, whom develop the improved methodologies at the forefront of analytical science
To learn more about the scientific excellence that supports our GOCO contract testing; please visit our National Measurement Laboratory and Designated Institute pages

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