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Bespoke test development

Development and routine delivery of innovative testing solutions to meet unique bioanalytical and chemical measurement challenges

LGC has the scientific, operational, quality assurance and project management framework required to respond rapidly to emerging environmental challenges or risks to human or animal health of a chemical or biochemical nature, by developing and launching the accurate, reliable, scalable testing services required to recover the situation.  Typically, test development includes, method development, automation, validation, accreditation and logistical set-up.

What are the benefits of out-sourcing test development and delivery to LGC?
  • Thought leadership; as the UK government’s National Measurement Laboratory and Designated Institute (DI) for chemical and bioanalytical measurement, LGC already performs the research at the forefront of analytical science that produces definitive testing methodologies and certified standards
  • Rapid implementation; rigorously project-managed knowledge transfer, method development, validation and logistical set-up to minimize the time to test implementation
  • Robust; rigorous internal validation, coupled with a global Proficiency Testing (PT) infrastructure for absolute confidence in test methodology
  • Sensitive; expert-led optimization of test conditions and sampling methodology for detection of even low-abundance elements and compounds and nucleic acid targets in challenging matrices
  • Specific; target-specific detection of single or multiple targets in the same sample for maximum test efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Accredited; test developed and conducted according to a strict quality management system in order to comply with the ISO/IEC 17025 standard
  • Novel intellectual property; proven, royalty-free HyBeacon molecular probe technology that delivers improved interrogation of DNA and RNA targets

To learn more about the scientific excellence that supports our bespoke test development; please visit our National Measurement Laboratory and Designated Institute website.

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