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Grant management; set-up and launch

LGC has launched over 200 calls for applications for its customers in line with their individual specifications and brand identity.

During call set-up and launch, we focus on maximising the number of good quality, competitive applications submitted to each call.  We understand how to present information in a clear, digestible format for applicants, and offer readily-available support throughout the application window. We are experienced in publicising calls so they reach the attention of their target audience and tailoring the content to ensure that the right data are captured from applicants to facilitate informed and efficient decision making.

Prioritisation of funding areas

We prioritise funding areas through consultation with experts, providing dependable information to highlight areas of unmet need, defining funding priorities and informing your research strategy.  We identify the most relevant, important or urgent topics to fund.  These include;
  • Situation analysis and horizon-scanning to identify funding opportunities
  • Consult a range of subject matter experts and opinion leaders concerning priorities
  • Leverage scientific expertise from across a range of funding programmes
  • Articulate opportunities for strategic funding

Promotion of grant scheme

We promote each funding scheme through the development of a branded website and launch plan consistent with funder brand identity, as well as by ongoing, targeted promotion using a broad range of promotional channels, including advertisements, events, press releases, newsletters, social media and design and distribution of marketing collateral.  We offer highly-effective, targeted promotion of your funding opportunity.  These include;
  • Organise events and roadshows
  • Promotional collateral development
  • Utilise a broad range of promotional channels
  • Design and launch campaign websites
  • Develop promotional channel metrics
Design and launch of calls for applications

We launch calls for applications through a bespoke tendering service, including provision of a web-based, single or multi-stage application invitation and management system. We develop tailored application forms and guidance materials and supply a dedicated helpline service for applicants to your funding scheme.  We construct an efficient process for inviting and processing applications.  This includes;
  • Design single- or multi-stage application processes, guidance and associated documentation
  • Assign expert team to manage the invitation and processing of applications
  • Develop selection criteria and assessment procedures according to customer requirements

Grant Management Brochure

Grant Management Process