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Grant management; impact analysis

We work with you to provide evidence of the added value, benefits and wider impact of the work you fund by measuring achievement against the objectives underpinning your grant scheme.

Following completion of the funding scheme, or at a frequency that meets your specific needs, LGC can manage, or assist you in the dissemination results to demonstrate achievement of research objectives as well as produce metrics that measure LGC’s delivery of your programme and quantify project outcomes. 

Project outputs and dissemination

We check all outputs disseminated for acknowledgement of your grant scheme and that they are accessible to those with a stake in the work (including any end users). We provide examples of the impact of your investment that can be placed in the public domain, shared with key stakeholders or otherwise cascaded, according to your specific requirements. We process almost 2,000 outputs for our customers each year.  We offer communication of project results by;
  • Ensuring the funder is able to review publications prior to release in to the public domain
  • Arranging press briefings and compiling press packs
  • Preparing case studies to demonstrate return of funding investment
  • Co-ordinate promotional campaigns
  • Fielding enquiries from the media

Review of grant scheme

We review your grant scheme and analyse your funding portfolio at a frequency agreed by you to ensure that funding outputs are in line with your strategic objectives.  A wide variety of quantitative performance data can be analysed to demonstrate LGC’s effectiveness in administration of your grant scheme and reassurance of value for money.  We provide a detailed review of grant scheme performance against stated objectives by;
  • Performing a grant scheme performance review of progress towards goals, performance against key performance indicators (KPIs), outputs & publications and key metrics including; budget, turnaround time and value for money
  • Preparing annual reviews of funding scheme performance, including highlights
  • Reviewing fund management, including management costs versus scale of funding and results.

Evaluation of impact

We support your evaluation of impact and identify, capture and interrogate the narrative, financial and numerical evidence you request to demonstrate the outcomes of your investment. The ability to measure outcomes and demonstrate positive impact is critical to the success of this programme.  We can develop and implement metrics that clearly demonstrate the outcome of your research funding.  We research and write themed case studies to highlight achievements, which can be used to feature in annual reports, presentations and press releases and to update corporate statistics.  We provide accurate evaluation of funding impact by; 
  • Providing qualitative and quantitative assessment of any change to activity or understanding arising from funding, including project-specific metrics and key stakeholder surveys
  • Measuring a broad range of funding impact indicators at required intervals, including health & well being, the environment, knowledge, technological advancement and commerce
  • Authoring case studies and providing financial and economic modelling 

Grant Management Brochure

Grant Management Process