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Grant management; assessment of applications

LGC ensures that grant funders are furnished with the best possible advice on the quality of applications to make defensible funding decisions.

We provide a full secretariat service for the assessment of applications, peer and public review of proposals and advisory panel management.  We have secured over 15,000 independent peer reviews and all applications are assessed thoroughly, fairly and transparently. 

Peer review

We source peer reviewers and obtain impartial and credible expert reviews of applications to inform advisory panel decision-making and provide opinion on the suitability of project progress, final reports and outputs.  We identify and recruit the most appropriate experts to review applications.  This involves;
  • Constantly building relationships with experts in the field
  • Working with funder to define appropriate peer review
  • Defining peer assessment criteria, developing guidance notes and providing high quality review framework
  • Providing feedback to peer reviewers

Patient and public involvement (PPI)

We practise public involvement and create networks of public contributors, sourcing, training and guiding them. Our experience of recruiting members of the public on to advisory panels and to review applications from a public perspective dates back to 2006.  We solicit public opinion for project improvement.  This involves;
  • Maintaining relationships with more than 300 public contributors
  • Identifying and recruiting public contributors in accordance with each funders requirements
  • Supporting public contributions through the lay review process
  • Providing feedback to public reviewers

Advisory panel management

We assemble independent advisory panels and can tailor the recruitment and membership to meet your specific needs. We have delivered seamless coordination of over 300 advisory panel events, including all pre- and post-meeting logistics. Every funding decision is recorded and communicated accurately and constructively, maintaining full confidentiality.  We deliver efficient set-up and co-ordination of advisory panels by;
  • Defining selection panel demographic according to grant programme requirements
  • Recruiting and support chair and advisory panel members
  • Preparing and collating applications, expert reviews, responses to applicants and bibliometric analyses

Due diligence and contract negotiation

We undertake due diligence and negotiation of contracts, assessing the viability of projects and their potential for success, as well as capturing and planning around potential risks. We routinely manage complex multi-party collaboration agreements and the development pathway of products and technologies. We can engage in contract negotiation on your behalf and have managed the award of more than 1,000 funder-provider contracts.  We offer careful, detail-oriented pre- and post-award due diligence and contract negotiation.  This involves;
  • Examining project plan and costs for eligibility
  • Determining project risk and forecast return on investment
  • Performing detailed analysis of market completion, position and commercial strategy
  • Developing project milestones and pass/fail criteria

Grant Management Brochure

Grant Management Process