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Grant management for funders

With 20 years experience in managing grants for government and other funders, LGC is highly skilled in the design, implementation and management of funding schemes.

Through its experience in administering and delivering public sector funding schemes, our Grant Management Group has created a substantial portfolio of services, enabling grant-holders to direct funding towards the highest quality applications in a timely, scientifically robust and transparent manner.  We have a reputation for providing highly effective and consistent service levels and can deliver tangible value to your enterprise through supporting and complementing the efforts of your own in-house activities or by looking after the end-to-end grant management process entirely on your behalf.

What are the benefits of out-sourcing grant management to LGC?

LGC Grant Management Benefit
Wide variety of end-to-end management and adminstration services, tailored to the specific needs of your funding programme Bespoke service, cost effectiveness, flexibility, fast response
Expert-led identification of the most deserving areas to fund, that will also deliver the best return on investment Increased confidence in achieving stated objectives from the outset
Publicity for your funding opportunity, building your brand and reputation Increased application rates
Design of application forms to maximise quality submissions More suitable options
Established and highly regarded process for inviting, supporting and processing applications for your scheme Applicants receive high quality support on your behalf
Stringent review of applications by independent experts, and option for public engagement Transparency and defensibility of funding decisions
Detailed pre-award due diligence, contract negotiation, and post award financial administration Confidence in allocation of funds
Rigorous milestone-driven monitoring of project progress by subject-matter experts Tracking of progress towards deliverables
Comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of the funding impact Benefits to key stakeholders more clearly articulated

LGC currently manages in excess of £400M per annum of grant funding, delivering research commissioning and performance management processes for numerous, varied research funding schemes.  These range from research programmes requiring relatively straightforward application and sign-off processes to long-term research infrastructure investment and support programmes involving complex collaborations and intellectual property.

We can tailor the entire grant management life cycle to the specific requirements of your scheme, or offer any combination of set-up & launch, assessment, monitoring and impact analysis to meet your individual needs.  What is important to you?
  • Architecture for grant scheme delivery reflecting stakeholder need
  • Tailored design of grant administration and performance management processes
  • Flexibility to review and adapt processes to meet the ongoing needs of a scheme
To learn more about how we design funding schemes, please click here
  • Prioritization of the most relevant, important or urgent topics to fund
  • Highly effective, targeted promotion of your grant scheme
  • Bespoke application invitation and management system
To learn more about setting up and launching funding schemes, please click here
  • Identification of key expertise to ensure stringent review of applications
  • Soliciting of public opinion to allow end-users to shape applications
  • Efficient recruitment and co-ordination of expert advisory panels
  • Expert financial, intellectual property and commercial due diligence
  • Expert contract negotiation and contracting
To learn more about how we assess applications for funding, please click here
  • Evaluation of intellectual property and commercialization opportunities
  • Comprehensive technical and financial monitoring of project progress versus milestones and provision of meaningful status reports to stakeholders
  • Rigorous administration of grant funding
To learn more about how we monitor the progress of funded research, please click here
  • Widespread dissemination of project outcomes
  • Detailed reviews of grant scheme performance against objectives
  • Accurate quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the impact of the work you funded
To learn more about how we evaluate the impact of grant funding, please click here

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