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Setting up a genotyping service project

Once you have received a quotation for your genotyping project, and have submitted a purchase order to LGC, a project manager will be assigned to coordinate your genotyping project. Your project manager will be responsible for planning and implementing the laboratory work required for your project, and for analysing the resultant genotyping data. If you have any queries throughout the course of your genotyping project, please contact your project manager who will be happy to assist.   

Sequence submission

Please submit sequence information for your target SNPs using the SNP submission form.

Assay design for KASP chemistry

Once your project manager has received your SNP submission template, KASP genotyping assays will be designed using our Kraken™ software.

DNA sample plate data

LGC needs to know the layouts of your DNA sample plates; please submit DNA sample plate data using the appropriate DNA submission template.

Preparing and sending your samples

Please follow our guidelines to ensure that you send sufficient DNA for your genotyping project, and that it arrives at LGC in good condition.

Genotyping laboratory workflow

Once your KASP assays have been prepared and your DNA samples are received, laboratory work will commence for your genotyping project.

Result reporting

Once your genotyping project is complete, your project manager will Email the results to you.

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