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Human array genotyping

Listed below is an overview of the existing arrays available for genotyping. For more information or any questions please contact us.

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illumina arrays

Array Order no. Number of markers Datasheets
Global screening array GEN-9000-800 660k + 50k customs possible Datasheet
HumanCoreExome GEN-9000-802 550k + 100K custom possible Datasheet
HumanCoreExome+ PsychChip GEN-9000-804 590k + 60K customs Datasheet
OmniExpressExome GEN-9000-806 958k + 30K customs Datasheet
Omni2.5Exome GEN-9000-808 2600k Datasheet
Omni5Exome GEN-9000-810 4500k Datasheet
OncoArray GEN-9000-812 500k + 120k Datasheet
Cyto850k GEN-9000-814 850k Datasheet
EPIC methylation GEN-9000-820    
Bisulfite conversion GEN-9000-822    

Affymetrix arrays

Array Order no. Number of markers Datasheets
miRNA 4.0 (per sample) GEN-9000-850    
Human Transcriptome Array 2.0 (per sample) GEN-9000-852 > 6M probes Datasheet
Mouse Transcriptome Array 1.0 (per sample) GEN-9000-854    
Rat Transcritome Array 1.0 (per sample) GEN-9000-856    
GeneST 2.0 (human, mouse, rat) (per sample) GEN-9000-858 >30k coding and >11k non-coding Datasheet
PrimeView (per sample) GEN-9000-860 > 530,000 probes Datasheet
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