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Array genotyping services 

Analyse your samples at higher resolutions, and benefit from validated arrays of functional markers developed and optimised for the species at hand.

From Genome wide association studies (GWAS) to Genomic selection, selecting for complex traits has never been easier.

We offer a broad selection of cost effective medium density arrays with unique content critically selected by LGC and our expert partner TraitGenetics. We specialize in complete pipeline solutions, which results in lower costs per sample without the loss of critical data points.

Additional services include DNA extraction and conversion of markers to high throughput KASP™ genotyping assays as well as a wide selection of breeding support services; addressing an increasing demand for higher resolution marker development and analyses.

Plant array genotyping

LGC & TraitGenetics have been involved in the SNP marker identification, array development, and optimization for many important crop plants including maize (50K array), tomato (10K SOLCAP array), barley (9K array), sunflower (30K array) and pepper (19K). Recently we have started to develop lower density optimised genotyping arrays that are providing a maximum of information in conjunction with very low analysis costs. The 15K wheat and 15K Brassica arrays are examples of this approach, these arrays are now widely used by the research and plant breeding companies. For a full list of our pre-developed arrays please see our plant array list page.

Livestock and Aquaculture

We offer array development and genotyping services including high quality data analysis for the livestock and aquaculture sectors.

Please contact us to find out how we can support your breeding program and help you develop superior production traits faster.

Human array genotyping

We collaborate with the renowned Life & Brain institute for human array genotyping projects. The collaboration ensures you of global support, seamless project support, preferential pricing on arrays like the GSA and full service packages including DNA extraction and sample handling where required. All standard arrays are available. For a current selection please see the human array list.