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All-inclusive service for aquaculture samples

Genetic solutions for aquaculture challenges

LGC understands the challenges that the Aquaculture market is facing. Issues such as growth limitation, traceability, feed uptake and disease require genetic tools that facilitate faster development of markers for the relevant traits.

We offer a variety of services to support aquaculture breeding programmes to deliver improved stock. This includes high quality and high throughput DNA extraction services as well as array genotyping services and other solutions for marker identification and screening.

LGC has developed the custom KASP genotyping service for aquaculture that reduces the time required to develop superior production traits. LGC’s KASP™ genotyping chemistry has already contributed to solutions for many challenges including salmonid alphavirus and sea lice.

LGC's complete aquaculture service package includes:

  • DNA extraction service
  • New KASP assay design service
  • KASP genotyping service
  • Data analysis
  • Dedicated project manager support


  • Low cost per sample = more samples & SNPs = faster to new traits = faster to market
  • Convenient “all-in-one” service package - no lab required
  • Support from your dedicated project manager 
  • Flexible and robust KASP assays


  • Animal samples only (buccal swabs, blood,  ear punch, enquire if not listed).
  • Samples provided in 96 or 384 well plates.
  • Minimum of 48 samples per project
  • Standard turnaround time is 5 weeks. Bespoke turnaround times available on request.

Services included:

DNA extraction service
DNA is extracted from the sample material using LGC’s DNA extraction chemistry and instrumentation.

New assay design
New assay design is included in the price per sample and you will be assisted in the assay design by a dedicated project manager.

SNPs  or InDels are subsequently genotyped using KASP genotyping. You will receive an email with a link to your genotyping data file on our secure web server. 

Optional Services

All-inclusive genotyping service is based on in-silico designed KASP genotyping assays. The service does not include wet lab validation of assays or re-design as standard. Options are available, please enquire for pricing.

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