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Vitamin analysis

With the increasing number of vitamin enriched nutrition and dietary supplements on the market, meeting stringent regulatory demands require reliable methodologies and equipment. At LGC we are able to provide analysis of vitamins at all levels from premixes and supplements through to fortified and natural finished products.We use high-pressure liquid chromatography predominantly for most vitamin analyses in both native form and as supplements. Through investment in state-of-the-art technology, such as UPLC, we have improved the efficiency of our services offering faster turnaround times to our clients. Our comprehensive experience allows us to consider latest trends in stabilization e.g. encapsulation.

We offer analysis and expert interpretation, including bioavailability, dealing with complex forms of vitamins and discussing analytical approaches to unusual problems that you may have.

Sample matrices

We have considerable experience and expertise in a wide variety of sample matrices including:

  • Infant formula and baby foods
  • Raw material for the food industry
  • Feeding stuff and compound feeding stuff
  • Pet food
  • Food supplements
  • Vitamin preparations and tablets

Analytical capability

  • Multi Vitamin Packages and single analyte methodologies
  • Independent laboratory validations and method development (Proficiency Testing)
  • Competitive pricing, on-time reporting and accurate, high quality results.

Quality and accreditation

Accurate and reliable results on-time are the main concerns for customers when choosing a laboratory for vitamin testing. As part of our National Measurement Laboratory and Designated Institute (DI) role, we give the highest priority to quality by applying a well implemented quality assurance system and validated methods, together with participation in international proficiency tests.  We are one of the few laboratories to run a CRM / RM with each and every batch of analyses.

We are the NRL for heavy metals and feed additives (including vitamins) in feed.