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Solid state characterisation

Solid state chracterisation at LGC

The arrangement of a materials constituents, whether atoms, molecules or ions, govern its properties and performance.  Understanding these properties is central to a product’s successful development and its IP protection. 


LGC provides the following services to help define the solid state properties of your material:

  • Powder X-ray diffraction
  • Infra-red spectroscopy (FT-IR and NIR)
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry
  • Thermogravimetric analysis
  • Dynamic Vapour Sorption analysis
  • Polarised light and thermo-microscopy


Whatever your material, whether crystalline, semi-crystalline or amorphous, we provide a comprehensive range of advanced sciences to support:

  • Full solid state characterisation (API, Excipients, Raw Materials and API in Formulation)
  • Phase ID and quantitation, including polymorph purity assessment
  • Solid form assessment and/or changes as part of formulation, process development, dissolution, stability and excipient compatibility studies
  • Patent applications and infringement/litigation support
  • Counterfeit testing
  • Salt disproportionation investigation
  • Troubleshooting manufacturing, crystallisation, product failure issues
  • Thermodynamic stability and design space mapping of polymorphs, solvates, hydrates
  • Solid form nomination and risk assessment

Our expertise

From discovery and pre-formulation activities to solid form optimisation for clinical studies or solid form selection for commercial development, LGC’s scientists provide support, technical and regulatory guidance to clients in virtual, SMEs and large industries.

Leveraging skills across structural elucidation, analytical development, physical properties testing and regulatory support, LGC provides flexible and seamless support to advance your molecule to market, whatever the product or its development or manufacturing phase.    
Whether you require a routine measurement, fundamental understanding to solve a complex challenge or a complete characterisation package, LGC’s team of expert scientists can help.