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Bioanalysis of peptides

LGC bioanalysis of peptides

Bioanalysis of peptides

LGC are experienced in the bioanalysis of peptides and recognise the growth in this market is driven by factors such as rising incidences of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and technological enhancement in peptide synthesis.

LC-MS bioanalysis of peptides

LC-MS based bioanalysis of peptides has become highly sensitive, and LGC has developed LC-MS/MS methods capable of detecting and quantifying peptides in plasma down to 10-15 pg/mL.

A major issue with peptide drugs is their inherent instability, due to the numerous classes of peptidases present. We have experience in assessing peptide stability both in-vitro (in plasma and serum) and in-vivo, as many peptides are susceptible to degradation by endogenous peptidases.

Quantitation of proteins

Using the variety of mass spectrometers at our disposal, our scientists can also identify breakdown products (metabolites) and develop methods to quantify them. Our expertise extends beyond determination of peptide drugs in biological matrices. We also have experience in the quantitation of proteins (therapeutic drugs and biomarkers) as well as mAbs using our BioMS™ platform.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us.

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