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Integrated anti-infective drug development

LGC offers an integrated in vitro anti-infective development service. Supporting molecules from discovery, through to before and after launch.

Compound structure elucidation

MIC panel screening against clinically relevant strains to identify spectrum of activity/ aid molecule development

Antimicrobial efficacy testing (Time-Kill, serial passage, mutation frequency testing)

Mode of Action analysis (enzymatic and knock out mutant testing)

Compound toxicity testing (against hepatic cell lines/yeast)

Protein binding assessments / drug-drug interactions / ADA analysis

Compound synthesis

Clinical trial support (including bacterial counts, identification, isolate extraction/storage and MIC analysis)

Antimicrobial susceptibility surveillance (regulatory requirement for all antimicrobial NDA submissions (FDA, EMA and others)) 

Post marketing surveillance

To discuss your project with our team of specialists or to find out more, please contact us