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Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance

We have a strong pedigree in antimicrobial surveillance (studies dating back to the 1980s) conducting global studies across multiple infection/pathogen types in both human and animal hosts. With this, we have a strong network of institutions to call upon for the collection of bacterial isolates across the world. With additional experience in collecting from countries in the developing world.

Our experts can perform large scale isolate monitoring of clinically relevant strains against a custom built panel of test substances. These test panels can be manufactured in house in our Fordham facility, or created externally as pre prepared plates. This allows us the flexibility to test what you need, when you need it.

All studies are reported with full distribution tables and histograms, MIC 50 and 90 calculations, cumulative percentage tables and many other forms of surveillance data analysis. This can be provided as data alone, or as part of a full study report.

To discuss your project with our team of specialists or to find out more, please contact us