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MTP Sanger sequencing services

High quality data, short turnaround times, and expert consultancy - just a few of the reasons why our customers use LGC Sanger sequencing services.

We offer three options for Sanger sequencing of samples in microtitre plates (MTP) - Ready2 Run, Flexi Run and Premium Run

The services can be delivered for a range of sample types including:
  • Plasmid DNA - isolated by customers
  • PCR products (purified or unpurified depending on the service type – see below)
  • MTP Premium Run only: Bacterial colonies (containing plasmids) on agar or glycerol stocks


  • Use universal barcode labels that can be used for MTP sequencing as well as single samples. You also have the option to print MTP barcode labels yourself
  • Choose your method of payment (credit reload or separate invoice per run order)
  • Attractive credit prices
  • Special discount available upon request when ordering several plates in one order and shipped together
  • For safe shipment you can order MTP sequencing boxes and sample bags online

MTP Ready2 Run: For purified samples, pre-mixed with primer

Our most cost-effective sequencing for purified PCR products and plasmid DNA. Samples must be provided pre-mixed with primer (10 µl DNA + 4 µl primer (5 pmol / µl)).

For DNA template concentration, please click here


MTP Flexi Run: Multiple sequencing runs on purified samples, and the flexibility to select the primers of your choice

Sequence purified PCR products or plasmids submitted at standard concentrations and volumes using your choice of primer.

Either choose from our list of universal primers or provide your own.
  • Use your choice of primer from our free universal primer collection, or provide your own custom primers in tubes or mirror plates.
  • Run modifications for difficult templates are available on request. Simply fill in the “remarks” field while placing your order
  • Several runs per plate possible
  • Template / primer storage for up to 3 months to enable re-runs if required
  • Primer synthesis

For DNA template concentration, please click here


MTP Premium Run: our premium service that covers the largest range of sample types, including difficult templates

Sequence unpurified PCR products, clones or bacterial DNA, – select from our free universal primer collection or provide your own primers in tubes or mirror plates. Alternatively, we can assist with primer design and synthesis.
  • Use custom primers in tubes or mirror plates or your choice from our free universal primer collection
  • Includes purification of PCR products or plasmid DNA preparation
  • Includes Quality Control (Agarose gel and concentration check)
  • Adjustment of ideal sequencing parameters
  • Extensive troubleshooting by our highly-qualified expert team
  • Run modifications possible for difficult templates and should be called to our attention by filling in the “remark” field whilst ordering online.
  • Template / primer storage for 3 months
  • Primer design and synthesis

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team by phone on +49 (0)30 5304 2244 or email at
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