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Microbial research

Fast-track your microbial research with our reliable data mining, fast turnaround time, extensive expertise and reliable support.

Our flexible service offerings for mircobial research projects guarantee a cost-effective and customer orientated strategy.

Strain identification


Microbial community analysis

  • Different amplicon sizes available for 16S/ITS or other conserved genes
  • Broad range of starting materials, e.g. air filters, soil, water samples
  • Extensive support through the whole process incl.bioinformatics
  • Bespoken primer design and PCR conditions
  • Optimised MiSeq libraries with minor amplification bias/artefacts

Our bioinformatic services include: reference-assisted OTU clustering, taxonomic classification of OTUs, diversity analysis with extensive data visualization (including multivariate analysis when metadata is supplied)

Strain characterisation

  • MiSeq / NextSeq whole genome shotgun sequencing of your microbial isolate
  • Variable coverage range according to your individual needs
  • Alignment and variant calling versus reference
  • De novo assembly and annotation
LGC can help with any specific element of your scientific work up to complete strategies and solutions. Our experts ensure the best advice by selecting state-of-the-art techniques and bioinformatics tools.