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What is cell site analysis

Cell site analysis is a forensic technique used to ascertain the pertinent activity and location of mobile phones.
It includes the analysis of call data records supplied by a mobile network operator (Orange, T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone and Hutchison 3) together with the results of RF Surveys to consider whether a call is consistent with a phone having been located at or in the vicinity of a significant location at the time that particular calls were made.
In addition, cell site analysis can effectively indicate movement and or patterns of travel and can often conclusively discount the possibility of a phone having been in the vicinity of particular locations at particular times.

Our Cell site unit can provide a range of services:

Case consultation

A targeted strategy for providing a cell site service that progresses the case whilst preventing unnecessary cell site investigation work.

RF survey techniques used include;

  • Spot readings
  • Coverage profiles
  • Local coverage profile
  • Route profile


The accompanying documentary exhibits that LGC Forensics produce includes an interactive visual court mapping presentation with calls animated so each slide builds as calls/SMS are made and received which helps convey the evidence to a jury.

Call data analysis

  • Call pattern analysis, Association, Attribution, Sequence of events, Timelines

Expert evidence

Experienced experts that still work in the industry