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The Jackson Laboratory – Mouse genomics case study

The Jackson Laboratory, in a joint effort with LGC, has developed 1638 working assays for pre-validated mouse SNPs. These assays provide a powerful tool for the mapping of traits within mouse disease models and breeding populations.

In addition, The Jackson Laboratory has used LGC’s KASP genotyping to facilitate a key part of their recent research into meiotic recombination hotspots (Parvanov et al. (2009) PLoS Biol; Parvanov et al. (2010) Science).

“The advancement in genotyping technology has allowed us to design compatible assays to narrow down the genomic region and identify the gene responsible for hotspot regulation. The discovery of Prdm9 will lead to further improvements in our research to gain insight on its functions. KASP has been a valuable tool in reaching those meaningful conclusions and we are confident that it will continue to support us in better understanding of genetic factors underlying human fertility and evolution.” Dr. P. Petkov, The Jackson Laboratory.

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