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Colorado State University - Wheat Breeding and Genetics Program

The Colorado State University Wheat Breeding and Genetics Program is a long standing initiative run out of Colorado State University (CSU), USA. Lead by Scott Haley, Professor of Plant Breeding at CSU, this ground breaking program is using traditional breeding techniques combined with modern plant genomics to breed the next generation of wheat varieties for the Colorado wheat growing industry and beyond. As well as breeding crops tailored for the Colorado climate, traits for human health are now a focus, including traits related to starch production and antioxidant properties.

In the past year, the Wheat Breeding and Genetics Program has conducted over 16,000 KASP™ assays to enable selection for 15 different trait-associated SNP markers. They have had great success with how easy KASP genotyping is to use in their labs, and found that KASP assays lend themselves very well to exactly the type of work that they are doing. After an initial period trialling KASP genotyping to see whether it would work for their projects, the team has now been using KASP in earnest for full blown production work for over a year. Adoption of KASP genotyping has enabled the team to do more where previously costs and time prohibited them.
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