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Hy-Line - case study

Hy-Line International strive to create the highest standard of commercial egg-laying hen with good liveability, feed efficiency, nesting behaviour and persistency of lay that also produces a good quality shell and subsequently the best egg to get to market. Hy-Line International uses genetic research and testing to combat these challenges.
The benefit for Hy-Line’s research is KASP’s ability for rapid SNP testing while still producing highly accurate results needed for input into a commercial breeding program.

KASP genotyping perfectly fits the requirements of very large numbers of samples to be tested over a large number of individual SNP assays; recent research by Hy-Line on OCX32, a candidate gene for selection for eggshell traits in commercial poultry populations, is a perfect example of the use of KASP genotyping. Janet Fulton commends KASP’s versatility and accuracy, explaining that,

You have so much control over what you can do in terms of designing the primers to detect your specific variants. You can detect this variation with different equipment but using the same materials and you’ll get the same results. This makes it easy to adjust assay volumes when moving between low and high numbers of samples and manual to semi-automated systems.
Hy-Line found that KASP genotyping allowed them to do rapid in-house detection of SNP variations and that the technology permitted them to carry out individual testing of thousands of samples, for hundreds of carefully selected SNPs, at a rate of over 100,000 tests per day.

The KASP technology provided the best and most rapid identification of genetic variation within our populations.Dr. Fulton
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