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Hy-Line - app note

The quality of eggshells is an important trait for commercial egg production. A number of studies have linked polymorphisms in the gene encoding the eggshell protein ovocalyxin-32 (OCX32)with eggshell features including strength and thickness, indicating that variants in the gene may be relevant to the selection of commercial egg-laying poultry lines.

In this study (Fulton et al., 2012), exons 2-6 of the OCX32 gene were sequenced in multiple elite commercial egg-laying lines, and SNP detection and analysis carried out using LGC’s KASPTM genotyping chemistry to identify multiple polymorphisms. In contrast with other studies, this work identified a large number of SNPs not previously reported, in a far greater number of poultry lines, and thus encompassing a much larger gene pool.
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Hy-Line - app note 185 kB

Variation in the OCX32 gene in commercial egg-laying chickens and its relationship with egg production and egg quality traits.