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Order information for AOCC members

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LGC laboratory services

The AOCC and LGC have an agreement providing selected laboratory services to all AOCC members at preferential pricing.

The AOCC – LGC All-inclusive services generate genotyping data based on your plant leaf samples for a list of SNP markers provided by the AOCC member. Genotyping data can be applied for pre-selection breeding and other breeding strategies based on molecular markers to accelerate your breeding program and contribute to the faster development of desirable traits such as higher nutritional value.

The service is priced per sample and includes:

  • LGC plant sample collection kits
  • DNA extraction service
  • KASP assay design
  • Genotyping service
  • Project management support

To make use of the preferential AOCC pricing please submit your projects according to the process described below.

How to order for AOCC members:

  1. Fill out a new customer registration form and receive your LGC customer number
  2. Fill out the AOCC work order form on this page using your LGC customer number
  3. You will be contacted by a project manager in the LGC lab to set up your project
    1. You will need to provide a purchase order. Please discuss with your project manager if you do not know how to provide a purchase order.
    2. We will send you your plant sample collection kits and you may refer to this instructional video on how to submit your plant leaf samples to our laboratory.
    3. We will request you to submit a sample plate map file of the sample positions.
    4. We will request you to submit a SNP sequence submission file to inform us of the SNPs to be genotyped.
  4. LGC will perform the laboratory service work based on the information provided and send you your genotyping data. Data is provided as CSV file and can be analysed in MS Excel or with the free LGC SNPviewer software.

The standard turnaround time to receive your data is 6 weeks from sample receipt. Faster turnaround time is available on request.

For more details on how an all-inclusive genotyping project works please click here. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team here.

All-inclusive service order form for AOCC members


  • Projects are payable within 30 days of date of invoice