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KlearKall Master mix

KlearKall  free sample request

KlearKall Master mix is a convenient 2X mix for TaqMan® probe-based genotyping and is compatible with most qPCR instruments and FRET-capable plate readers.

The KlearKall Master mix contains:

  • KlearTaq™ Hot Start DNA polymerase, a purified DNA polymerase
  • Optimised components including buffer and dNTPs for consistent reliable genotypes
  • ROX, a passive internal reference dye for precise data analysis.

Download the new BHQ /KlearKall flyer

Key features:

  • Specifically formulated for endpoint fluorescent detection for probe-based genotyping
  • Discrete clusters and high call rates for accurate and reproducible allelic discrimination
  • Universal thermal cycling conditions for consistent results
  • Bench top stability for ease and flexibility of experiment set up.

Ordering information

Product code Product name Description
KBS-1002-001 2X KlearKall Std ROX 2.5 mL, contains ROX
KBS-1002-003 2X KlearKall Std ROX 25 mL, contains ROX
KBS-1002-007 2X KlearKall Std ROX 200 mL, contains ROX
KBS-1002-100 2X KlearKall Low ROX 2.5 mL, low ROX
KBS-1002-102 2X KlearKall Low ROX 25 mL, low ROX
KBS-1001-001 2X KlearKall No ROX 2.5 mL
KBS-1001-003 2X KlearKall No ROX 25 mL

We are confident that you will find our KlearKall Master mix to be effective in your laboratory. Please click on the button below to request a free sample and try it for yourself.

Request a free sample

Please contact our customer service team for more information.
The purchase of this kit to perform the 5’ nuclease assay does not convey a license to any patents that may be in existence for this technology. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

KlearKall Data

The data plot below illustrates results from an endpoint genotyping reaction that has been run with KlearKall Master mix and a TaqMan probe-based genotyping assay.

KlearKall end point SNP genotyping

Reaction comparison

Three different sources of genomic DNA were assessed with three different Taqman® reactions mixes, two from ABI and KlearKall. It should be noted that the DNA was chosen due to its low quality to emphasise the difference that the Taqman® mix can have on the data.

DNA extracted from corn

KlearKall Corn

DNA extracted from corn

KlearKall Corn 2

DNA extracted from bovine material

KlearKall Bovine

DNA extracted from bovine material

KlearKall Bovine 2

DNA extracted from human genotyped on a mitochondrial SNP

Klearkall Human Genotyped

DNA extracted from human genotyped on a mitochondrial SNP

Klearkall Human Genotyped 2
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