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PCR plates

We have a range of 384 & 1536 PCR plates for use in your laboratory. As with the majority of our products the range of PCR plates are in routine daily use in our own laboratory. The range of plates we produce are novel in one way or another, either in terms of performance or manufacturing techniques. The development of these PCR plates have overcome obstacles in our laboratory and are available in palsticware from other manufacturers.

Quality control

  • Each plate is QC tested for leaks utilising electrostatic & pressure techniques
  • A number of plates from each batch are tested in a panel of discriminatory KASP assays.

Flat Top Pro384 - PCR plate

The flat top Pro384 plate is the first plate we developed and continues to be used routinely in our laboratories. It was developed to enable increased ease of use in laser based sealing on our Fusion instrument.

Flat Top Pro1536 - PCR plate

The flat top Pro1536 plate is the second generation we have developed and is now in use routinely in our Lab Services division. It was developed to enable ultra high throughput, low volume (sub µL) PCR in conjunction with use in laser based sealing on our Fusion instrument.


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