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ParaDNA® Intelligence Test

The ParaDNA Intelligence Test delivers DNA profile information to users within 75 minutes of processing crime stains/swabs. Directly search and compare generated DNA profiles with an easy to use onboard database and accompanying ParaDNA Software.
  • Quickly include or eliminate potential suspects in your investigations - search against internal/external databases via secure data export/import
  • Reduce forensic spend while targeting resources on most probative samples - up to five times less cost than Rapid-DNA approaches
  • Single-use ParaDNA Sample Collector for e.g. blood, saliva, semen and cellular  (inc. touch) samples
  • Minimal training requirement to get up and running - use in the lab or at scene to gain simple easy-to-interpret results
  • No laboratory preparation/extraction steps required – sampled items are not consumed and can still be sent for further forensic processing
  • Mixture detection when evidence of more than one contributor
  • Uses patented HyBeacon probe technology to target human specific STRs commonly found in all Human Identification Kits

ParaDNA Intelligence test results output

A user is viewing a match between a victim reference swab and blood spatter sample.

Download detailed product specifications

Product specifications



Run time

75 minutes

DNA source

Blood, saliva, cellular (inc. touch DNA) and semen

Hands-on time

~1-5 minutes

Results display

5 STRs  (D16, D18, TH01, D8 & D3) plus Amelogenin and percentage score with green or red background

Sampling method

Direct or indirect

Tests per kit

8 tests

Sampling procedure

DNA is recovered using LGC’s patented ParaDNA Sample Collector. Collectors are provided individually packaged and treated to ensure they are DNA free, and are used to sample crime stains directly, or to indirectly sample from swabbed material. The ParaDNA Sample Collector design allows the user to accomplish sampling with four ‘nibs’ that combine into one. Once sampling is complete a collar on the collector is pulled back to separate the nibs, which are then loaded into a ParaDNA Intelligence Test plate. This creates a sealed system, which once placed on a ParaDNA Instrument, delivers DNA amplification, detection and analysis in just 75 minutes. 

Order information

LGC part no Description
PARA-070 Intelligence Test & Sample Collector 8 pack bundle
PARA-090 Instrument Positive Control 4 pack

Contact us

For more information, a list of distributors or to discuss how ParaDNA can work for you, please contact us at:

Contact us by phone at:
+44 (0)844 2641 999

Watch a 2 minute video

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