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ParaDNA Software

ParaDNA Software is provided free of charge with every new ParaDNA Instrument and offers the following features:

  • Simple and intuitive instrument control
  • Automatic interpretation of data
  • Onboard database offering "search" and "compare" capability against all previously run samples
  • Import and export of data, and PDF reporting
  • Support for sample triage and suspect inclusion or exclusion 
  • Run different tests on the same instrument, at the same time

Latest Software Release: ParaDNA Software v1.5.1

Installing ParaDNA Software


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Current Release Notes (abbreviated)

1. The Application Settings for each analysis head are now colour-coded to match the labels on the ParaDNA Test. This makes it easier to ensure that the correct settings are selected before a run is started.

Figure 1 : The Application Settings are colour coded to match the test label

Below is an example of the ParaDNA Body Fluid ID Test label.

Figure 2 : Selection of the Body Fluid ID Application is confirmed with a colour coded label

2. The discrimination potential of each ParaDNA Intelligence Test profile is now indicated by a Match Probability, displayed alongside the profile.  This is useful for predicting the number of adventitious matches that might be generated when searching large databases.

Figure 3 : The match probability is displayed alongside the profile at the end of a run

The visibility of the match probability text is controlled through the Administrator Settings (see Figure 7).

3. A new Profile button (Figure 5) is now available which enables switching between Full and Simplified profiles. Simplified profiles do not include reduced-confidence (yellow) calls and, if there are less than 7 confident calls, the profile is replaced with the message Unable to determine profile. In contrast, Full profiles include all confident and reduced-confidence calls.
Figure 4: Full and Simplified profiles for the same sample
Both Full and Simplified profiles can be used for Search and Compare operations. Match probabilities are calculated using all displayed alleles.

Figure 5 : The new Profile button enables toggling between Full and Simplified profiles

The Profile button visibility is controlled by a new setting accessible to Administrators (Figure 7)

4. The metadata associated with each sample is now included in the PDF export of Intelligence, Screening and Body Fluid ID results. This metadata includes the date and time of the sample acquisition and the user who was logged on to the instrument at the time of the analysis.

5. Support for Chinese speaking customers has been added.  All text can be displayed in Simplified Chinese.  The language setting is controlled by the Region Settings of the host PC. 

6. The Administrator Settings page has been updated to group options by function.  See Figures 6 and 7 below.

Figure 6 : The Settings tab 

The new Profile Settings tab groups all settings relating to the display of Profiles.

Figure 7 : The Profile Settings tab showing the settings controlling the display of the new Profile Toggle Button and Match Probability


- Need a short guide covering upgrade or first time installation?

- Want Full Software release notes?

- Need information on previous software version release notes?

Contact us at