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ParaDNA Tradeshows

Up and coming tradeshows:
GCC Forensic Science Conference, Abu Dhabi, UAE
November 14th-16th 2017
AAFS, Seattle, US
February 19th-24th, 2018
Security & Policing, Farnborough, UK
March 8-10th, 2018
Tradeshows recently visited:
IAFS, Toronto, Canada
August 21st-25th 2017
ISFG, Seoul, Republic of Korea
August 28th-September 2nd 2017
ISHI, Seattle, Washington, USA
October 2nd-5th 2017
IAI International Educational Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
August 6th-12th 2017
Green Mountain DNA Conference, Burlington, Vermont, USA
July 24th-26th 2017
NSA Annual Conference and Exhibition, Reno, Nevada, USA
June 23rd-28th 2017
SOFIC, Tampa, Florida, USA
May 15th-18th 2017
ASCLD Annual Symposium, Dallas, Texas, USA
April 30th-May 4th 2017
Forensics Europe Expo, London, UK
May 3rd-4th 2017
Security & Policing, Farnborough, UK
March 8-10th, 2017
AAFS, New Orleans, USA
13th-18th February 2017
Global SOF Symposium, Vilnius, Lithuania
October 13-14th 2016
International Association of Chiefs of Police, San Diego, US
October 15-18th 2016
NEAFS (Northeastern Assoc of Forensic Sci), Atlantic City, USA
October 12th - 15th 2016
MAFS in Branson, Missouri, USA
October 3rd - 7th, 2016
ISHI, Minneapolis, MN, USA
September 26-29 2016
Sep 26-30th 2016
Global Identity Summit, Tampa, Florida, USA
Sep 22-24th 2016
ANZFSS, Aukland, New Zealand; presentation delivered on ParaDNA Systems
Sep 18-23 2016
IHIA Symposium, Cincinatti, Ohio, USA
Aug 7-13 2016
Green Mountain DNA Conference Burlington, Vermont, USA
August 1-3rd 2016


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