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ParaDNA® Screening Instrument

The ParaDNA Screening Instrument generates DNA profile information in 75 minutes using either the ParaDNA Screening Test or ParaDNA Intelligence Test. Designed for use as a triage/screening tool in environments such as submissions units or crime laboratories, users can reduce the level of costly downstream STR or Rapid-DNA analysis, yet still generate DNA profile information sufficient for inclusion/exclusion purposes.

Download detailed product specifications
  • Triage and profiling of crime scene stains and reference samples
  • Provided with free ParaDNA Software for relative % DNA scoring or search and compare of profiles held on an integrated database
  • Prioritize lab submissions and identify potential suspects, and their movements, earlier in the investigative process
  • Important samples are still available for full laboratory processing – ParaDNA Sample Collectors only remove a tiny fraction of the sample
  • The only system that can perform a presumptive DNA screen and deliver DNA profile intelligence simultaneously from crime scene evidence in 75 minutes
  • Small footprint, takes minimal lab-space
  • Cost-effective start up and running costs with minimal training required
  Dependent on test being run
ParaDNA Screening Test ParaDNA Intelligence Test
Results output
  • Relative quantitative assessment (% score) 
  • Indication of the gender
  • Determine the presence or absence of DNA
  • 5 STR DNA Profile
  • Amelogenin gender call
  • Profile comparison and matching
  • Indication of mixtures

Download detailed product specifications

Contact us

For more information, a list of distributors or to discuss how ParaDNA can work for you, please contact us at:

Contact us by phone at:
+44 (0)844 2641 999

Watch a 2 minute video

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