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KASP by Design

KASP by Design (KBD) consists of three KASP primers that are specific to the SNP or InDel of interest. Assay design (primer selection) is carried out using our proprietary Kraken™ software system.

Please note that using in-silico validated primers cannot guarantee a working assay. The success rate for custom KASP assay design depends on a number of factors including DNA quality, genome complexity, homology and genome size. Any custom KASP assay can be provided with our additional assay validation service to ensure a working assay.


  1. Please request a quotation or enquire about pricing.
  2. We will email you with the quotation for your assays and include a sequence submission form.
  3. Review your quotation and if you're happy with it, submit a purchase order to the address provided.
  4. Next, complete and return the sequence submission form with your sequence/s of interest and polymorphism/s marked to tell us which SNPs / InDels you are interested in.
  5. Assay design (primer selection) will then be carried out using our proprietary Kraken™ software suite.
  6. All three target-specific primers for an assay are combined into a single 2D barcoded tube.
  7. Each custom KBD Assay mix is shipped in a 2D barcoded tube, with an additional printed label.


Aliquots of KBD Assay mix are provided in 2D barcoded tubes in sufficient quantities to enable:

  • 2,500 reactions at 10 µL total reaction volumes (96-well PCR plates)
  • 5,000 reactions at 5 µL total reaction volumes (384-well PCR plates).

Standard delivery times for KBD Assay mix is 2-3 weeks. Please note that you will require KASP Master mix in order to run your genotyping reactions. Please refer to the KASP Master mix – PCR instrument guide to select the correct KASP Master mix for your instrument. Should you have any questions at all, please contact our customer services team or our technical support team who will be pleased to help you.

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