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KASP reagents for Fluidigm

In addition to our range of standard KASP™ genotyping reagents, we provide a specialised KASP formulation specifically for use with the specialist optics and reduced sample volumes used in the Fluidigm genotyping system. A validation service is available for all KASP assays used with the Fluidigm system. Please note: KASP reagents formulated for the Fluidigm system are not interchangable with our standard KASP reagents.

The small size of the individual reaction chambers within the Fluidigm chips leads to the requirement for a high starting concentration of DNA. For human DNA, the required starting concentration is 60 ng / µL; this figure should be proportionally adjusted based on the genome size of the organism of interest. Where DNA concentration is not sufficient, it is imperative to amplify the specific SNP-containing regions from the template DNA prior to performing genotyping on the Fluidigm system. The technique of pre-amplification can be used to amplify the regions of interest by designing primers specific to these regions, and can be multiplexed. The resultant amplicon mixture can then be diluted and used as template for KASP genotyping on the Fluidigm system.

LGC can supply primers for the pre-amplification reaction in conjunction with each KASP Assay ordered. Please specify that you require pre-amplification primers when placing your order.   
If you have any queries about running KASP on the Fluidigm system or performing pre-amplification reactions, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.

Technical announcement - February 2016

From February 2016 we will be introducing a new version of our KASP for Fluidigm reagents. The new version KASP for Fluidigm Master mix and assays work in the same way as the current mix and assays, and perform equally well. The new KASP for Fluidigm reagents have been optimised from the current KASP chemistry for Fluidigm in order to allow their use on a wider range of qPCR platforms, in addition to the Fluidigm platform, for added versatility.  
Important note: KASP reagents formulated for the Fluidigm system are however, still not interchangable with our standard KASP reagents.
The old KASP for Fluidigm assays will continue to be available to purchase from February 2016, for the next 6 months until the end of July 2016.
The old KASP for Fluidigm Master mix will continue to be available to purchase from February 2016, for the next 12 months until end of February 2017.
After February 2017, all existing KASP for Fluidigm customers will need to have switched to the new KASP for Fluidigm assay and the new KASP for Fluidigm Master mix.

Old KASP for Fluidigm codes New KASP for Fluidigm codes
KBS-1016-027 KASP Fluidigm V4.0 (400µL) 10,000 reactions
(available until February 2017)

KBS-1016-029 - KASP Fluidigm V4.15 (400µL) 10,000 reactions

KBS-1016-028 KASP Fluidigm V4.0 (4mL) 100,000 reactions
(available until February 2017)
KBS-1016-030 KASP Fluidigm V4.15 (4mL)
100,000 reactions



  1. Please request a quotation or enquire about pricing. Please clearly state that your requirement is for Fluidigm reagents and not standard KASP reagents.
  2. We will email you with the quotation for your assays and mix and include a sequence submission form.
  3. Review your quotation and if you are happy with it, submit a purchase order (PO) to the address provided.
  4. Next, complete and return the sequence submission form with your sequence/s of interest and polymorphism/s marked to tell us which SNPs / InDels you are interested in.
  5. Assay design (primer selection) will then be carried out using our proprietary Kraken™ software suite.
  6. All three target-specific primers for an assay are combined into a single 2D barcoded tube.
  7. Each custom KBD Assay mix is shipped in a 2D barcoded tube, with an additional printed label.

Primers for pre-amplification reactions are also available. Please contact your local sales representation or our customer service team for more information.  


The assay aliquots are provided in 2D barcoded tubes. Our Standard service (not laboratory-validated) provides an estimated delivery time of 2-3 weeks. Our standard delivery service (laboratory-validated) will guarantee delivery of the functionally validated KASP assays in 4-6 weeks, whilst the rapid service will guarantee delivery of the functionally validated KASP assays in 2-3 weeks.


Should you have any questions at all, please contact our customer services team or our technical support team who will be pleased to help you.

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