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KASP reagents

To perform KASP™ genotyping in your own laboratory, you will require KASP Assay mix and KASP Master mix. Below is an overview of our KASP genotyping reagents, including details of the three types of KASP Assay mix that can be purchased.

KASP genotyping reaction

KASP Assay mix

KASP Assay mix can be purchased in three formats:

KASP by Design (KBD)

KASP by Design (KBD) consists of three KASP primers, custom-designed to target the SNP or InDel of interest. Assay design (primer selection) is performed using our proprietary Kraken™ software system and is validated  in-silico. The two allele-specific forward primers and the common reverse primer are combined to create the SNP-specific custom KASP assay.

KASP on Demand (KOD)

KASP on Demand (KOD) include design and full validation and optimisation of your assay by our laboratory scientists prior to delivery. Assay design (primer selection) is performed either using our proprietary Kraken™ software, or manually by our scientists where required. The two allele-specific forward primers and the common reverse primer are combined to create the SNP-specific custom assay. This assay aliquot is then validated in our laboratory using our validation panel (human assays only) or your own DNA samples.

KASP Genotyping Assay (Laboratory-validated)

KASP Genotyping Assays are pre-designed assays to public domain SNPs for human. These are available to order using our Assay Search Tool. Full validation and optimisation of these assays is performed by our laboratory scientists prior to delivery.

KASP Master mix

KASP Master mix is universal and can be used in conjunction with all custom KASP assays. LGC manufacture KASP Master mix with varying levels of ROX as the qPCR machines available on the market have differing requirements for ROX.

KASP reagents for Fluidigm

Our scientists have developed a unique KASP™ formulation specifically for use with the specialist optics and reduced sample volumes used in the Fluidigm genotyping system. A validation service is available for all KASP assays used with the Fluidigm system. Please note: KASP reagents formulated for the Fluidigm system are not interchangable with our standard KASP reagents. 
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