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Genomics videos and lab tour

Watch our videos to get a better look at how our products operate.

KASP genotyping 

If you have you ever wondered “How does KASP work?”, this series of videos will explain.

KASP genotyping chemistry and the components

This is the first video in the series and  explains the components which are used in a KASP reaction.

When you run a KASP genotyping reactions 

This second video shows what happens when you run a KASP genotyping reaction, how this results in a fluorescent single and how it is measured

Analysing KASP genotyping data


This final video shows how KASP genotyping data is analysed and also describes some of the key benefits of the KASP chemistry.


Laboratory services

Take a virtual tour through our laboratory and its services.
Genomics lab tour
Take a Lab Tour of the largest genotyping service lab

This lets you look inside our genotyping laboratory, which is one of the largest in the world! Find out how samples are processed throughout the different stages of the genotyping process.
KASP chemistry high-throughput genotyping process

A video which gives a quick overview of our genotyping laboratory flow (no sound – subtitled).

LGC plant sample collection kit

For plant customers only – a video to demonstrate how to use our Plant Sample Collection kit. Improve data quality and reduce failure rate  by using our plant sample material collection kit. 


A range of instrumentation to facilitate laboratory extraction and genotyping workflows.

DNA extraction

oKtopure™ - automated DNA extraction instrument

oKtopure automated extraction robot -  this hands-off robotic platform produces ultra-pure DNA using our proprietary sbeadex™ magnetic bead-based chemistry.

Genespin™ - Semi-automated DNA extraction robot

Genespin semi-automated extraction - this ultra high-throughput robotic platform, produces pure DNA by utilising our 384-well Kleargene spin plate chemistry



repliKator™ - plate replication

DNA arraying - automated microtitre plate replication and arraying. This is a high-throughput solution to arraying 384- and 1536-well microtitre plates.

Meridian™ - liquid dispenser

Liquid dispensing - machine capable of high-speed, accurate low volume dispensing (down to 1µL) for 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates. This is used to dispense our KASP reaction mix

Fusion3™ & Kube™ - plate sealers

Plate sealing- introducing 2 plate sealers: the Kube (which uses industry-standard heat sealing) and the Fusion3 (which uses laser sealing to produce a very strong, fine weld good for 1536-well plates).

Hydrocycler™ - Thermal cycler

Hydrocycler PCR thermal cycler -  ranging from bench-top to a standalone 64-plate machine, the water-based hydrocylers allow high-throughput PCR thermal cycling.

LGC Biosearch Facility Tour

Take a tour through our LGC Biosearch facility and learn how oligonucleotides are produced there.