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SNPviewer is a tool that enables genotyping data to be viewed as a cluster plot (Figure 1), but that does not include data analysis or reporting functionality. Genotyping data from a service project run at LGC is typically sent to the customer as a SNPviewer file (in addition to a text file). Opening genotyping service project results in SNPviewer will allow you to view the genotyping clusters plate by plate. Genotyping calls cannot be changed within SNPviewer; if you need to be able to edit the calls then you will require our KlusterCaller software.

Download SNPviewer

Your genotyping data may be visualised by downloading the SNPviewer PC tool. This will let you graphically view the clusters that group the allele calls. This software will present your results on a treeview by SNP and master plate. The plates may be clicked on to view the data. Calls can not be changed in SNPviewer. If you need to change any calling then you need KlusterCaller.

Minimum PC specification

SNPviewer is suitable for computers that are running on Windows, 2000, XP or Vista 7 or 8.

Installation instructions

You will need administration rights on your PC to install SNPviewer.

  1. Click here to download - SNPviewer
  2. You will be prompted to run the installation ‘snpviewer_installer_1.exe.’  Click ‘Run’ or ‘Open’ in the dialogue box.  Please note: if you are updating SNPviewer, you will first be prompted to uninstall the existing version from your machine, Once you have done this, restart the installation.
  3. Work through the installation wizard to install SNPviewer on your machine.

If you require any additional information, please view the SNPviewer help page.