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Fusion3 the cost-effective laser sealing solution

Key benefits

  • No heat is passed to the sample
  • Higher plate densities are sealed perfectly
  • The seal can be made permanent, or removable (peel away)
  • The seals applied can be optically clear, increasing signal to noise ratio 
  • Plates can be sealed many times over – up to 50 times!

Why choose the Fusion3

  • Laser sealing enables flexibility of assay / plate combinations
    • 96-, 384- and 1536- well plates
  • Suitable for elevated temperature assays and long term storage
  • Elongated incubation times possible
  • Elimination of evaporation based edge-effects
  • Seals can be optically clear or coloured to improve assay detection
  • CO2 permeable seals for tissue culture
  • Ideal for light sensitive contents
  • No possibility of amplicon contamination so no requirement for separation of pre- and post-PCR areas.

How does it work?

Principle of transmission diode laser welding

Principle of transmission diode laser welding

Fusion seals are able to covalently seal all black plates with clear films, and when utilising dissimilar materials are able to create peelable seals.
Important note: the Fusion cannot currently seal clear plates with a clear seal.

Ordering information

Catalogue number



Fusion3 laser welder 

KBS-0900-024 Fusion3 12 month service contract
KBS-0612-001 Polypropylene vision seal
1536-well black plates landscape barcode
Box of 20
384-well black plates landscape barcode
Box of 20


Fusion3 Laser pressure silicon pad 


FusionLaser non stick teflon sheet 


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