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Barcode reader for multiple tubes

K-Trak - multi-tube 2D barcode reader

Assay and reagent tracking is a crucial part of the laboratory workflow. With the advent of 2D tube barcoding, assay tracking has been simplified and allows you to track your samples far more easily.

K-Trak™ is the next generation of the LGC Cyclops™ - single 2D barcode reader. K-Trak substantially increases throughput by parallel scanning multiple 2D barcode tubes.

Key benefits

  • Scanning of all 2D tube barcode formats
  • Scan up to 16 tubes at one time at rate 16 tubes / second
  • Controlled internal illumination within fully enclosed unit eliminates errors
  • No external downloads for set up: ‘Plug and play’
  • Kraken™ interface with integration into existing SNPline modules (optional)
  • Compact scanner solution
  • 3 front facing USB ports allow easy connection of keyboard, mouse and external scanner.

Flexibility and throughput

The K-Trak 2D barcode scanner is used in our own service laboratories to enable the accurate tracking of assay delivery across sample plates.
The K-Trak is an integral part of our laboratory operations enabling us to: 
  • Have complete traceability
  • Assay tube and plated assay are linked into LGC’s Kraken workflow management software
  • K-Trak scanner reads 2D barcodes of the assay tubes, before and after the Meridian2 dispenses the assay into the linked plated assay.

Reduce error

  • Decreased risk of dispensing the incorrect assay into the wrong plate
  • Add the right assay to the right plate and tracked by Kraken
  • Reduced risk of human error since Kraken tracks assays tubes and links the assay to the plate.

Enhance productivity

  • Automatic scan of up to 16 assays at one time
  • Scan multiple tubes in parallel.

Ordering information

Catalogue number Description Units
KBS-0026-001 K-Trak scanner 1
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