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1D or 2D Barcode readers 

The advent of 2D barcode tubes has revolutionised the tracking of individual tubes within the laboratory environment, and barcode tracking is a critical part of LGC. Within our high-throughput laboratories we store in excess of 2 million 2D barcoded tubes and scan a subset of these daily. 



The Cyclops™ reader has a charge-coupled device (CCD)-based scanning focal camera, sourced from an industrial vision company renowned for being one of the best in the field.



Full rack 2D barcode scanner

The Full rack 2D barcoded tube scanner allows quick and easy input of sample tracking data combined with LGC’s Kraken™ software.


handheld barcode scanner

Handheld barcode scanner 

The handheld barcode scanner is designed to be used in conjunction with the meridianrepliKator and Pherastar* / Omega*



K-Trak - multi-tube 2D barcde reader 

K-Trak™ substantially increases throughput by parallel scanning multiple 2D barcode tubes.



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