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Kleargene spin

Kleargene chemistry has been developed for a broad range of tissue types and optimised for the extraction of a high yield of DNA that is suitable for all PCR-based applications. 

Kleargene chemistry is available in two formats: Kleargene silica and Kleargene spin plates.

Kleargene spin plate

The Kleargene spin plate, as with many of our kits and instrumentation, was initially developed to overcome a challenge identified in our genomics services laboratory. This challenge was to achieve high throughput extraction of DNA of a quality and quantity sufficient for SNP genotyping, to support market assisted breeding programmes.

The outcome of this work is the Kleargene™ spin plate which utilises a glass fibre solid support. Kleargene spin plates are suited for both manual extractions and semi-automated DNA extractions using our Genespin instrument. The use of Kleargene spin plates with the Genespin enables a throughput of up to 20,000 samples per day (384-well format).

Kleargene spin plate kits are available in both 96- and 384-well formats and are suitable for nucleic acid extractions of 100 ng to 10 µg of DNA. Sample types typically include:

  • Plant leaves
  • Plant seeds
  • Rodent tails.
Kleargene spin plates are utilised routinely in our DNA extraction facility, typically in the 384-well format, to enable high throughput and high quality extractions.
Please note: A standard plate centrifuge is needed to spin the buffers through the spin plates.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.