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oKtopure specification

Key to the sbeadex™ / oKtopure™ combination is the ability to generate unique protocols combined with specific buffers and lysising conditions which allow the generation of DNA from difficult species.

While sbeadex chemistry delivers nucleic acid from more than 90% of species, often our team is required to work with collaborating laboratories to generate bespoke protocols that deliver DNA preparations designed for particular processing applications.

Key features of the oKtopure / sbeadex system


Elution volume

100 µL

Format / robotic platform


Sample type

Plant samples (leaves, seeds, flour etc.)



Final wash

2 binding steps; final wash with pure water

Grade of automation

Fully walk away automation

Nucleic acid purification type


Average yield sbeadex mini

1 - 15 µg

Average yield sbeadex maxi

20 - 80 µg

Technical requirements

Air pressure (6 bar)

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