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Plant sampling kit 

The LGC plant sample collection kit combines convenient sample collection with better data quality.

Order your plant sample collection kits in combination with DNA extraction and optionally KASP genotyping services and experience the full service convenience of genotyping.The kit is provided free of charge in combination with our DNA extraction and Genotyping services.


The kit includes

  • 96-well plate
  • Manual
  • Complete set of tools for collecting plant sample material and materials
  • Instructions for return shipment of the filled plate for genetic analysis.


  1. Better data quality *
  2. Convenient genotyping by courier concept
  3. Easy shipment and customs clearing of desiccated material. (phytosanitary certificate not required, letter of authority may be needed, can be provided by LGC)
Because the LGC plant sample collection kit improves the quality of the DNA that is extracted from the plant material the quality of the resulting genotyping data subsequently improves dramatically.
Data quality without using the plant kit KASP genotyping data with the plant kit 
Genotyping data from plant leaf samples collected without using the plant sample collection kit and extracted using non-LGC extraction chemistry. The call rate is 71.1%.
Genotyping data from plant leaf samples collected  with the LGC plant sample collection kit and extracted in the LGC service laboratory using LGC sbeadex™ extraction chemistry. The call rate is 99.5%.

Plant kit request form

Ordering information

Order and receive the kit 

  • Fill out the plant kit request form.
  • Sign & return quote or provide a PO.
  • LGC will confirm the project details. (If you would like genotyping included we will request you to submit the sequences of the SNPs.)
  • We ship you the sample collection kits.
Collect samples 
  • Collect your sample material according to the protocol and return the filled plates to LGC including the sample plate data.
LGC service laboratories
  • Once we receive your samples, we perform the DNA extraction and optionally design the assays and perform genotyping in our service laboratories.
Receive data
  • Once your project is complete, and data has been analysed, LGC will e-mail you the results. Typically, you will receive an e-mail with a link to your data file on our secure web server.

Please enquire for our DNA sequencing services in combination with the plant sample collection kit.


Product number KBS-9370-001
Price per kit Please inquire for standalone purchase pricing. The kit is free of charge in combination with DNA extraction and genotyping service*
Turnaround time from receipt of kit to return of data Standard turnaround time for extraction and genotyping service applies
Sample capacity 96 samples per kit (please leave two wells unused as non-template controls for DNA extraction and genotyping services)
Kit contents
  • Manual
  • Leaf puncture tool
  • Rubber mat
  • 96 deep-well plate
  • Strip-caps
  • Packaged desiccant material
  • Return shipment instructions
* not applicable in combination with discounts on genotyping or DNA extraction services.

Video - How to use the Plant kit

Plant leaf sampling kit
 - Instruction

Plant kit request form

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