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Research and associated activities

National Measurement Laboratory

In our role as the designated UK National Measurement Laboratory and Designated Institute (DI) for chemical and bio-measurement, we are continually developing new measurement method techniques to address the needs of industry through the certification of reference materials or through the provision of calibration services. Visit the National Measurement Laboratory and Designated Institute pages of our website to find out more.  

LGC is a founding partner in the ERM® consortium with BAM and IRMM, the National Measurement Institutes of Germany and the European Commission, respectively. The consortium provides an uncompromising peer-review of certified reference materials thus ensuring the highest quality, traceability and reliability.

Inter-Laboratory Analysis Program (ILAP)

Staff at LGC conceived, developed and now co-ordinate the Inter-Laboratory Analysis Program (ILAP) for the development, certification and production of certified reference materials. ILAP membership consists of testing laboratories from all around the world in a variety of industries and academic institutes. This program is designed for the development, certification, and production of solid reference materials. Participants include state-of-the-art testing laboratories from around the world, metal producers, and academic/government institutes with particular expertise in solid and alloy analysis by a variety of analytical techniques. Following a rigorous statistical evaluation of the data, certified values and uncertainties are assigned to the materials for their use as CRMs.

Global Scientific Participation

LGC represents the UK at ISO/REMCO, the international committee on reference materials and has a key role in developing the guides associated with reference material definitions, production and use. LGC chairs the BSI committee that is responsible for the UK input to ISO/REMCO.

Staff in our laboratories across the globe have an active participation in scientific conferences and organizations including A2LA, ACS, ASTM, UKAS, ISO/REMCO, BIPM, JCTLM, IFCC and various national metrological institutes around the world.

LGC is also conducting research studies into the commutability of reference materials and how best to demonstrate commutability.

High Performance ICP-AES Methodology

LGC has worked closely with the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) to develop a unique method that utilizes modern ICP-AES instrumentation to rival the accuracy and precision that had been previously only available with extremely time consuming techniques (e.g. classical gravimetric analysis).  A successful method was developed (see below) called “High Performance ICP-AES” which is used to assay our A+ standards.  LGC is proud to be the only reference material producer worldwide to utilize this methodology for the certification of aqueous single element standards.