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NGS. Generating progress together.

NGS consult collaborate customise

Outstanding achievements are seldom realised in isolation. NGS projects demand complementary expertise as well as a long-term commitment to a collaborative partnership.

LGC has both the necessary know-how and a range of NGS technologies that we can integrate to optimise your workflow. By working together in close consultation, we help facilitate your mission-critical applications. With a firm commitment to collaborate with you over the long term, LGC’s custom support enables you to progress your NGS projects.

Seeking a committed partner for your NGS projects? Talk to us at LGC today.

Enquire with our experts NGS Workflow

Oligos, beads and enzymes

Need high quality oligo pools, enzymes, or beads for NGS? Enquire with our experts about how we can optimise your particular NGS workflow.


DNA shearing technology
LGC now distributes Diagenode instruments: a range of state-of-the-art shearing systems for DNA fragmentation

Library prep automation
The IP-Star® Compact Automated System represents a breakthrough in epigenetics assay and library preparation automation providing superior throughput, reproducibility of results, and complete walk-away capability.

NGS services

Find out more about our targeted genotyping by sequencing service designed to accelerate plant and animal breeding programmes. Cost-effectively screen 100s up to 10,000+ markers.

Use Genotyping by sequencing (GBS) to discover SNPs without having prior knowledge of the genome sequence.

Bespoke NGS services
LGC offers a broad range of NGS services using state of the art platforms and library preparation solutions.. We also offer downstream bioinformatic and analysis services.

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