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Preparation of calibration curves: A guide to best practice

To download a copy of the 'Preparation of calibration curves: A guide to best practice', click on the link on the right.

The aim of this guide is to highlight good practice in setting up calibration experiments, and to explain how the results should be evaluated. The guide focuses on calibration experiments where the relationship between response and concentration is expected to be linear, although many of the principles of good practice described can be applied to non-linear systems.

With software packages such as Excel, it easy to generate a large number of statistics. The guide also explains the meaning and correct interpretation of some of the statistical terms commonly associated with calibration.

This guide was produced with support from the UK National Measurement System.

Author: V J Barwick
Reference:  LGCVAM2003032
Published:  01 September 2003

Click on the image above to download
a copy of the guide.