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Measurement solutions

We provide a variety of solutions to address your measurement challenge and tailor the solution to address your individual needs. Our solutions can answer a one-off measurement question or provide a regular measurement service.

We have a variety of sample storage, preparation and return options.

We provide a dedicated account manager from enquiry through to delivery.

Chemical analysis

We can analyse consumer products, food, environment and clinical samples

We perform detection, identification and quantitative measurements of
  • sample(s) and batch comparison
  • raw materials, complex process mixtures, complex matrices and final products
  • organic and inorganic compounds, elements, species and organo-metals
  • trace level concentrations (ng/g)

Bio analysis

We can analyse consumer products, food and clinical samples

We perform detection, identification and quantitative measurements of
  • trace level nucleic acids
  • cell response, enumeration and characterisation

Our process

Working with you to solve your measurement challenge or as a research partner, our solutions typically follow a four-phase process.

We first discuss your measurement challenge to determine the expected outputs, then evaluate any new methods on typical samples to mitigate risks, develop and validate methods as required for the analysis of your samples, and finally, once your samples have been analysed, provide support as required for method transfer, training or the provision of regular services. 

For reference measurements in-house methods accredited to ISO17025 will be used, and typically projects will start at Phase III.



Contact us

For further information please contact Measurement Services at LGC:


Our services and case studies

Find out more about our digital PCRnanoparticle and multispectral imaging services.

See examples of our reference measurement and measurement research applications.