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Inorganic chemical analysis and speciation

LGC is a centre of excellence for high accuracy elemental, isotope ratio and speciation analysis. Our scientists are at the forefront of research into the determination of product authenticity, food safety and fraud detection. Our leading edge research into nanoparticles is having an impact in the clinical and environmental sectors.

Our capabilities include:

  • High accuracy quantification of inorganic elements, and inorganic and organometallic species, using isotope dilution mass spectrometry (DMS) for provision of reference values and reference material certification.
  • High accuracy isotope ratio determination for origin discrimination, drug/food authenticity investigation and reference material characterisation.
  • Quantitative and qualitative multi-species analysis using parallel HPLC combined with ICP-MS and ESI MS/MS for underpinning quantitative speciation measurements for industrial and clinical applications.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and novel analytical techniques to provide high accuracy measurement research and calibration services to support manufacturing and product development, and to help industry comply with regulatory and legislative requirements.

We have the following instrumentation:

  • 7700 ICP-MS systems (Agilent) with collision reaction cell.
  • 8800 ICP-QQQ-MS (Agilent) with dynamic reaction cell.
  • 7500 ICP-MS (Agilent) with collision reaction cell.
  • Sector field double focusing ICP-MS (Element 2, Thermo Scientific).
  • Multi-collector ICP-MS (Neptune, Thermo) for high accuracy isotope ratio measurements.
  • HPLC systems (two from Agilent and one capillary/micro HPLC from Thermo). They can be coupled with ICP-MS and/or ESI MS/MS for speciation analysis.
  • Asymmetric flow field flow fractionation systems (Postnova Analytics) and one capillary/micro HPLC (Thermo). They can be coupled on line with ICP-MS and other detectors for nanoparticle characterisation.
  • Gas source IRMS (Delta V, Thermo) with capability for hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen isotope ratio measurements and when combined with GC, it delivers compound-specific isotope ratio measurements.
  • GC system (Agilent), coupled to ICP-MS for speciation analysis.
  • High capacity 6330 HPLC- ion trap MS with ESI and APCI sources (Agilent), which is used in combination with HPLC and ICP-MS for speciation analysis.


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