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Cell biology

Our cell biology team carry out  measurements that underpin research and development which has the potential to resolve some of the greatest health and environmental challenges facing society. We apply innovative approaches to enumeration, characterisation, quantitative (algorithmic) analysis, imaging and data analysis.

Our scientists support new product development and are leading in the use of novel technologies for cell handling, selection and isolation (laser microdissection microscopy and microfluidics), biomarker analysis, physiochemical profiling and cell imaging, in combination with real-time non-invasive cell monitoring techniques. This enables us to measure and accurately predict cell behaviour in complex environments down to the level of the single cell.

We are a driving developments in emerging technologies, developing tools for the UK regenerative medicine industry. We are improving material characterisation, including the characterisation of nanopartical reference materials in physiological systems, and we are optimising product quality and safety through our understanding of the factors affecting cell quality.

We have state of the art imaging, processing & cell handling capabilities, which include:

  • laser microdissection (Zeiss PALM)
  • laser scanning confocal microscopy (Nikon EC1)
  • flow cytometry (Guava Easycyte)
  • NanoSight - nano particle tracking system
  • a range of label free measurement systems for cell analysis (ACEA Biostation) & biological media analysis (Presens SensorDish, Nova Bioprofile)
  • live cell imaging (Nikon Eclipse)
  • standard equipment required for the growth & maintenance of a wide range of cell models up to category II biohazard status. 

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Current developments

Novel 3D imaging to improve type 1 diabetes treatment