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Molecular biology

LGC has a comprehensive range of expertise and instrumentation to support a wide range of applications and research in molecular biology, including:

  • Over 300 scientific staff variously engaged in this field internationally (40% with PhD level training)
  • UK National Measurement Laboratory biotechnology role and expertise 
  • Expertise covering GLP, GCP and GMP or ISO1725 quality assured services
  • Highly experienced in the handling the molecular analysis from trace evidence to complex tissue starting materials
  • Proprietary DNA instrumentation covering the molecular analysis pathway from DNA isolation to analytical results, from low to automated high throughput applications,  with development, support and LIMS capabilities in-house
  • Molecular methodologies and instrumentation ranging from digital PCR, rapid point-of-care diagnostics, gene expression and microRNA profiling, epigenetic analysis, forensic casework, high-throughput de novo and catalogue SNP genotyping, next generation sequencing to molecular analysis for clinical trials.
  • Extensive IP covering both primer (KASP™) and probe (HyBeacon) labelled genotyping methodology and products
  • Bioresource for molecular reference material and international distribution

Current research pipeline

  • Single cell and cell free clinical analysis approaches using digital PCR; e.g. cancer biomarkers and monitoring minimal residual disease
  • Point of care rapid DNA analysis for markers and panels for clinical diagnostics
  • Simple sampling device technologies for infectious agents
  • Ultra high-throughput analytical test development for agri-biotech customers (multi-million data point analyses)
  • New highly economical probe synthesis design and methodology
  • Exploration and comparability of isothermal amplification methodologies
  • Meat speciation improvement for speed and sensitivity
  • New formulations of DNA extraction chemistries for a range of standard and problematic matrices including high fat content seeds
  • Custom kit development for SNPs and infectious agents
  • Effective methods for analysis and interpretation of low template DNA from forensic evidence samples”
  • Profiling of microbial communities using metagenomic approaches for health, food and environmental applications