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Cohort studies brochure

Convenient service packages for cost-effective generation of accurate results

355 KB

DNA requirements for genotyping service projects

Fact sheet explaining how much DNA to send to LGC

1176 KB


Laser technology for microtitre plate sealing without heat

177 KB

Genotyping results from LGC

Fact sheet detailing how results from genotyping service projects are received

832 KB

Hydrocycler2 - how it works

How the Hydrocycler2 works

303 KB


Fully automated PCR setup, amplification and analysis system

3629 KB

KASP anchoring explanation

Anchoring in KASP assay design: a special approach to increasing assay specificity in regions with high homology or in polyploid genomes

171 KB

KASP Assay design

A guide on how to submit sequence information for KASP assay design.

160 KB

KASP genotyping chemistry explanation

Guide to how KASP genotyping chemistry works

128 KB

KASP genotyping technology

Brochure about KASP genotyping technology, assay components & genotyping workflow

488 KB

KASP recycling explanation

Fact sheet explaining the purpose of the recycling protocol

153 KB

KlearKall Master mix the solution for high-throughput genotyping


587 KB


Microtitre plate heat sealing system

391 KB

Lentil panel

Fact sheet

195 KB

Maize fact sheet

Fact sheet

209 KB


Liquid dispensing instrument

372 KB


Automated liquid handler and MTP replication instrument

711 KB

Tomato library

Fact sheet

226 KB

Wheat genotyping library

Fact sheet

186 KB

Zebrafish library

Fact sheet

208 KB